Country Selection

Selection of country based on the location of the preferred Service Provider.

Upon signing up for the Y-Cucumber mobile app, users are required to fill in the mobile number to retrieve the OTP. The mobile number will be the determinant of the default country setting of the user. For example, if I sign up with a Singaporean mobile number (beginning with code +65), it is expected that the homepage will display all Singaporean service providers. In this case, if the user wants to enlist services post verification within the Y-Cucumber mobile app, the service provider can only provide service within Singapore.

If the user is using the Y-Cucumber mobile app as a client seeking classical music services, the user has the choice to engage service providers in both countries. However, the user has to reload the credits in the value of the local currency as wallets of the two countries are independent to one another. See The Y-Cucumber Account.

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