Engagement Feature

Features within the Y-Cucumber app which serves the purpose to realise the engagements.

  • Service providers should enlist service(s) with the following details:

    • Concise description of service offered

    • Rate per session

    • Available booking time slot (see Schedule Management)

    • Terms of service(s)

    • Preferred colour rated clients

  • Clients can select the type(s) of service available based on rate per session, preferred colour rating service provider and time slot. (see Book a Session)

  • When clients book a service before the end of the confirmation period (48 hours before session starts) e.g: If a session starts on Wednesday the 23rd of August, 3pm, booking services before the end of the confirmation period would mean initiating a booking on Monday the 21st of August, 2pm or earlier), the service provider will be notified immediately and will be given a grace period of 24 hours to decline the service without affecting the colour rating of the service provider. This gives both the service provider and client some time to negotiate or come to a mutual consent regarding the terms of service before getting engaged. If no further actions are taken to decline the booking made within 24 hours after the booking was made, the time slot will be reserved for the client and considered accepted by default.

  • Similarly, the client is given a grace period of 2 hours to make cancellation, calculating from the time a booking was made without being considered a commitment error. This grace period serves a purpose for the client to manually make amendments if any booking details were wrong, and the flexibility to cancel promptly without affecting the schedule of the service provider.

  • During the confirmation period (from the time a booking was made until 48 hours before session starts), the client will receive one alert notification per day to request for a confirmation to acknowledge the booked time slot.

  • Upon confirmation by the client, reminder notifications will be sent before the session starts. When both the service provider and the client is present in the location of service as agreed upon in the terms of service no later than 5 minutes before session starts, both parties are required to click the “check-in” button to kickstart the session. When the session ends, the total amount as per charged for the session will be credited to the service provider’s Y-Cucumber account. (See Commencement of Session)

  • Changes of service provider engagement details such as price, location or any terms of service will only be reflected on new bookings made after the amendment of details were made.

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