Automated notifications for convenience and better user experience.

Notifications are sent to users as a reminder to avoid possible penalty due to commitment error.

  • Reminder of session: 3 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 10 minutes (before session starts)

  • Reminder for clients to complete booking.

  • Notice for the service provider when booking was accepted.

  • Notice for all users that a new message was received.

  • Confirmation period: From the time a booking was made until 48 hours before session starts, this notification should remind clients once per day if the session was yet to be confirmed.

  • Decision to reschedule or refund: In case of reasonable cancellation of session post confirmation, this notification serves to prompt users for the decision to proceed within the grace period to avoid possible charges.

  • Late for session

  • Session is considered “no show”

  • Session starts and ends

  • Reminder to submit proof of reasonable cancellation to be verified.

  • Reminder to complete terms of service upon listing (could be a one-off notice or repeated if users select “remind me again”)

Users in general, can choose to turn off notifications of reminder. However, this is not recommended unless the user is confident with staying committed without the notifications which serves as a convenient reminder.

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