The Y-Cucumber Account

Y-Cucumber (YC) Credits for users as clients and monetary withdrawal for users as service providers.

  • The payment to buy the Cucumber credit can be made via the digital payment system. Rates may vary slightly based on circumstances and the amount of credit purchased (See Cucumber Credit Price table).

  • For the Singaporean YC wallet, an additional 5% will be charged if the selected payment method is a credit or debit card payment but no charges upon checkout if the client opts to pay via PayNow. For the Malaysian YC wallet, an additional 3% processing fee will be charged upon all options of Cucumber credit upload.

  • When booking services, clients are required to top up at least 20% additional credit on top of the rate of the session before engaging the service. For example, if a session costs 200 Cucumber credits, the client is required to top up an amount of at least 240 Cucumber credits in order to proceed with securing the booking.

  • When a booking is secured, the Y-Cucumber platform would hold the session fee until the session is fulfilled to be credited to the Service Provider’s account.

  • Upon the successful completion of session. the additional 20% credit which was initially deposited during the booking will be credited back to the client's wallet.

  • The Service provider will be able to view the transaction record in their account and get their payroll during the Payday. In the case in which a withdrawal request was made before Payday via form submission, it might take up to 3 business days to process and additional charges may apply. (See Bank Details)

  • Payday for service providers is a specific day of the month set by the Y-Cucumber platform. In the occasion in which Payday falls on a public holiday, a delay to postpone to the next business day is possible.

  • A 2% platform fee would apply for service providers upon withdrawal of the credited amount. An additional 5% will be added on top of the platform fee for manual handling of a withdrawal request, which is a withdrawal initiated on a non-Payday. (See Applicable Charges)

  • For the Singaporean service provider YC wallet, a minimum of SGD100 balance is required for any form of withdrawal. For the Malaysian YC service provider wallet, a minimum of RM100 balance is required for any form of withdrawal.

  • Apart from securing the payroll of freelancing service providers, the Y-Cucumber account protects the interest of all users by keeping trackable records and minimising commitment-related complications through the penalty system. (See Ratings and Applicable Charges)

Cucumber Credit Price

*The credits uploaded in the wallet of respective countries are not interchangeable or convertible. That means, if a client uploaded 950 Cucumber credits in SGD, this credit cannot be converted into MYR500 on the Malaysian interface. Refer Country Selection page.*

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