Become a Service Provider

Complete the verification steps by answering the questionnaire and provided relevant documentations.

Users who would like to become a service provider within the Y-Cucumber platform are required to answer a series of questionnaire to specify the area of expertise and/or the description of their services, justified by:

  1. Relevant documentations

    • Resume, CV, repertoire of the past 5 years etc.

    • Certificate (performance diploma, degree, training program, etc.)

    • Bizfile report, business profile, ACRA/SSM certification or equivalent (only applicable for business owners)

  2. Media links

    • YouTube/Vimeo channel or equivalent

    • Spotify/Soundcloud or equivalent

    • Instagram business profile /Facebook page or equivalent

The UEN (Unique Entity Number) is a series of alphanumeric reference for businesses incorporated with ACRA and is only required for business owners. If the user is a freelancing service provider, the UEN column can be filled with Not Applicable or N/A.

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