Verification of Users

General information about the verification of users within the Y-Cucumber App

  • To be “verified” means users have submitted relevant documents as proof of identity and declared the purpose of engaging the Cucumber virtual platform services.

  • This process is also a procedure of KYC, KYB and AML (Anti-Money Laundering).

  • Users can opt to use this platform as a client, service provider or both simultaneously.

  • Clients are verified for the purpose of identification and categorisation for convenient match with preferred service provider(s).

  • Service providers are verified to ensure that the platform is used solely for the purpose of accepting bookings. The categories of services are one or more of the following: music education, collaborative musicianship, and/or space booking.

  • Service providers are given a one-month grace period post registration to submit all required documents to declare the type(s) of service provided. If the required documents are invalid, incomplete or irrelevant, service providers will be considered temporarily “unverified”, and will be given a 3-month preparation period to resubmit the application to be verified via the online form.

  • In the case in which service providers fail to be verified after the one-month grace period, the platform can still be used but only as a client seeking services within the platform. If a service provider has multiple skills and submitted documentations to be verified for two or more services, in cases in which not all are given the "verified" status, the user can only list services which are verified.

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