Post-service user rating and automated colour rating based on the commitment level of users.

There are two rating systems within the Y-Cucumber mobile app, one is a manual post-service rating and the other is the automated colour rating. The optional post-service mutual rating of clients and service providers is available for users to comment on the overall experience of the engagement. The colour rating, on the other hand is as depicted in the following:

  • Automated colour rating: Green, Yellow, Red, Black.

    • Green is the best commitment rating and black is the worst.

    • The colour rating system is defined by the frequency of user’s commitment error. Over the course of 30 days, if a user made 3 commitment errors the color rating will be downgraded. The user would need to wait 3 months for the colour rating to be upgraded. (refer Definition of Commitment-Related Terms)

    • In the case in which a user made more commitment errors while waiting for the 3 months grace period to be upgraded, the colour rating will keep downgrading for every 3 commitment errors made.

    • The table below is the list of commitment errors and actions to be taken to avoid a downgrade in colour rating. If any of the commitment errors listed below were committed collectively 3 times or more over the course of 30 days will result in a downgrade of colour rating.

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