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Reach out to the Y-Cucumber service team via the online form.

Report Abuse

  • Security compromise: Hacked account, Cucumber credits transaction, requested sensitive info, etc.

  • During the process of submitting the proof of reasonable cancellation, any form of abuse can be reported, especially in cases of perjury and manipulation for further steps to be taken.

  • When the service provided was not as stated in the description of service (i.e: facility, qualification of profession), or suspected of having cheated the verification process by providing false information, a report should be made for a review. Such reports should have solid reasoning, as false claims would result in dire consequences.

  • Any report addressing the abuse of the Y-Cucumber platform will be assessed by the service team. The service team might resort to resolutions, whether to request relevant users to revise a given information within the platform, or blacklist in severe cases. However, the service team does not act on behalf of the authority. Hence in some cases which may require the interference of a government authority for further actions to be taken, the service team will reply to advice on further steps to be taken.

  • The Y-Cucumber platform cannot lift blocked users. For example, when user A is blocked by user B, user A tries to file an abuse report to lift the block. Such cases cannot be solved via the service team form submission.

Service-related Matters

1. Session and billing issues

  • Transaction errors.

  • Appealing for reasonable cancellation to be considered valid.

  • Appeal for verification.

  • Update information of Service Provider, i.e.: Terms of service(s), updated qualification with verification, change of location, amendment of company/business details, etc.

  • Delisting services as a Service Provider within the Y-Cucumber platform. E.g: A music educator was verified as a piano and a violin teacher but decided to delist the service of violin lessons due to the huge demand for piano lessons.

  • Users can request for a Cucumber credit balance in currency conversion upon deletion of the Y-Cucumber account.

  • Data request in conjunction to disputes- After an official report to the government authorities was filed due to a dispute between the client and the service provider, proof of report made should be presented to the service team via the online form submission to request relevant data to seek accountability via relevant authorities or seek to resolution.

2. Technical Issues

  • Error messages.

  • Difficulties of access to certain features within the Cucumber app.

  • Crashes

3. General questions or feedback (Suggestion for improvement)

  • Y-Cucumber app function-related enquiries.

  • Service providers who wish to make an appeal when the application to be verified is rejected, can send an online form for further enquiries.

  • The Y-Cucumber team welcomes suggestions and feedback from users to improve the user experience of the platform.

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